We are very pleased to help you with your Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.  We understand that for many small business owners, including those in the hardest hit communities, that all of the different guidelines and processes from the U.S. Small Business Administration can be very confusing and hard to keep up with over time. 

Since January 11 when we began accepting applications for this latest round of PPP loans, we have received many smart questions from our small business clients who are trying to apply for a loan. Generally speaking, the issues they have fall into two categories – a need for access to a computer or a need for greater assistance or more information on this complicated process. We are committed to helping you through this process if your organization qualifies for a loan.

Please note that this additional assistance should not be construed as financial, accounting or legal advice. In making your decision to apply for this latest round of PPP, please consult with your legal, tax, accounting, or financial advisors, as necessary.

Computer Access

One of the great benefits of being a community bank is we have branches close by that can be utilized to help our clients with whatever they need. In this case, we have set aside space for a PPP Center in certain branches in communities where we have received most of our requests for additional support.  A list of PPP Center locations and the hours is below. Please note that in some cases the open hours of the PPP Center are different from the hours of the branches. 

As part of this service to our clients, we will have dedicated bankers in each PPP Center during the open hours to answer questions that could arise as clients fill out the application via our online portal.


Wintrust PPP Resource Centers

Available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 AM - 11 AM.

Now through Friday, April 30, 2021, dependent upon funds remaining available.


Wintrust Bank
1800 Blue Island Ave.
Chicago IL

Beverly Bank & Trust
10258 S. Western Ave.
Chicago IL

Hanover Park Community Bank
6800 Barrington Rd.
Hanover Park IL

Waukegan Community Bank
2634 Grand Ave.
Waukegan IL

Elgin State Bank
50 Tyler Creek Plaza
Elgin IL

Markham Bank & Trust
3120 W. 159th St.
Markham IL

Proviso Community Bank
1111 Madison St.
Maywood IL

Town Bank
140 South 1st St.
Milwaukee WI


Prior to coming to a PPP Center at a branch location, clients should complete the following steps to the best of their ability and bring the following information:

  • In order to access our online portal, commercial clients will need their organization’s Tax ID number, the Social Security Number of the authorized signer, and the account number of a corresponding business deposit/checking account or business loan at Wintrust. Likewise, Individual clients will need a Tax ID number or their Social Security Number and an account number for either a personal checking or savings account in their name at Wintrust. 
  • Company Legal Name

  • Company Address

  • 2019 Revenue

  • Number of Employees (including number of employees as of February 2020)
  • Estimated Monthly Payroll

  • Date business was established

Greater Assistance or More Information

The Department of Treasury and the SBA have dedicated pages to the PPP program. We hope many answers to your questions can be found there.

  • PPP guidelines and updates from Department of the Treasury and SBA can be found here

  • In addition, the U.S. Small Business Administration has developed a one-page eligibility summary for first-time borrowers (click here) and for second-time borrowers (click here).

In addition to the government resources above, we have created a video with important information on the application process including borrower qualification standards, loan application necessities and documentation details.

If you qualify as either a first-time borrower or second-time borrower, you will need to compile the following information to make your loan application to the SBA:


First-time PPP loans:

  • Updated PPP loan application for first-time borrowers (click here).

  • Payroll information or tax information depending on your entity type.

  • Payroll statement from either 2019 or 2020. If a 2020 statement is provided, it must include February 15, 2020 to establish that your organization was open on that date. If a 2019 statement is provided, separately provide a payroll statement or similar documentation establishing that you were in operation on February 15, 2020. Documentation could include payroll accounting records, quarterly payroll tax filings, annual tax forms (Schedules C or F), bank records, or income and expenses for self-employed individuals.


Second draw PPP loans:

  • New PPP loan application for second-time borrowers (click here).

  • Evidence of revenue reduction per the PPP rules for loan requests greater than $150,000. Please note that for loan requests less than or equal to $150,000, borrowers do not need to provide documentation of their revenue reduction. 

  • As with First Draw PPP applications, you will also need to provide applicable payroll and tax documentation.


Should you have additional questions, we urge you to visit one of our PPP Center locations or call your banker.  If you are a first-time borrower, you can reach one of our small business bankers here.